Physique XL™ Awnings

The Rolltec® PHYSIQUE XL™ is a heavy-duty awning system exclusively designed for 13'0" (4m) projection and has chain-driven arms. While extended, every retractable awning model experiences considerable mechanical loads, especially during windy conditions. These loads become more significant for awnings with larger projections, particularly a 13'0" projection. The PHYSIQUE XL™ features exceptionally strong arm shoulders designed to handle the torque where the arm is connected to the square bar. The model also features powerful lateral arms with rigid stainless steel chain links.

With its massive size, the PHYSIQUE XL™ awning is constructed using heavy-duty reinforced profiles (front bar, arm profiles) and forged arm casts, adding strength and stability to the overall system.

All parts are made of corrosion-resistant materials and finished with a White, Black, Ivory or Spinnaker Beige powder coating. Each awning from PRO Awnings is manufactured to our client's specifications with custom widths starting from 15' wide and increasing by as little as 1" increments.

A 5-year warranty backs the PHYSIQUE XL™ frame.

Let your yard become a reflection of your home!