Louvered Pergolas

Louvered Pergolas are a fairly new product to Canada.

Components for the LOUVERED PERGOLA system are manufactured in Belgium by BRUSTOR. It has a sturdy aluminum construction and large 210mm (8.25") louveres. The movement of the louveres is controlled by a linear motor and Somfy remote control. By rotating the louveres, you can adjust the amount of incoming sunlight. It offers a range of adjustments from 0 to 135 degrees. The LOUVERED PERGOLA is highly resistant to wind and is rated up to 120 km/h. The standard configuration has four posts, integrated pole supports and rain gutters along all sides. When the louvers are closed, gutters catch the rain and drain it directly into vertical posts. Multiple modules can be coupled along the width or projection to achieve greater coverage.

ZIP screens can be integrated into the frame between 2 posts. All screens are operated with RTS ALTUS motors and completed with screen fabric.

LED lighting can also be incorporated into the frame and louveres.

Maximum dimensions for a single module (4 posts, 1 roof element): 7.0m (23'0") wide, 4.0m (13'1") deep or 6.0m (19'8") wide, 4.5m (14'9") deep. If ordered with ZIP screens, maximum dimensions are as follows: 6.0m (19'8") wide, 4.0m (13'1") deep

The frame is available in white or anthracite grey textured finishes (other colours are available at an additional cost).

The LOUVERED PERGOLA is a special order. Please allow 10 to 12 weeks for delivery from the order date.

This product is sold as SUPPLY and INSTALL only and cannot be shipped for self-installation.

Approximate pricing for a LOUVERED PERGOLA is $120 to $220 per square foot, depending on size. Smaller sizes run at a higher cost per square foot, and larger sizes fall into the lower bracket. This pricing does not include Zip screens, lighting or installation.

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